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Candy Le Sueur is a painter and a printmaker. The inspiration for her work draws on imagery from the natural world, particularly light, clouds and sky. Pushed to a point of abstraction, the sensation of the work is mostly ethereal landscapes. Some feel slow and meditative like quiet spaces to drift into and daydream - away from the fast paced stimuli we are presented with each day. Others feel rapid and gestural - an attempt at capturing a fleeting moment. 

Process driven, Le Sueur deliberately builds each piece layer by layer, allowing her intuition to guide her through choices in color, form, and composition. By emphasizing space and depth, and delineating the picture plane, the artist presents these luminous renditions as landscapes. The layering of both her paintings and prints helps to achieve a push and pull between foreground and background creating movement and perspective. There is an ebb and flow within her body of work where these two elements are, at times, more and less. The artist oscillates between playing with atmospheric perspective and a more flattened picture plane through her use of techniques and application. Light washes, bold marks, tonal color, and vibrant hues echo throughout. 

Candy Le Sueur lives and works in Jersey City, NJ. She received her Fine Arts Degree from the University of Johannesburg in South Africa and continued her studies at the National Academy School and various printmaking studios in New York City. Le Sueur has exhibited her work in South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, and the United States. The National Academy Museum of New York, Jersey City Museum, the Affordable Art Fair, and Art Hamptons among other venues, have exhibited her paintings and monotypes. Her paintings are featured in several private collections both home and abroad.

Gallery Representation


Carter Burden Gallery, New York

Novado Gallery, Jersey City 

Panepinto Fine Art, Jersey City 

Emily Santangelo, Art Consultancy 


Candy Le Sueur: Reflections at Panepinto Galleries by 

Tris McCall. Jersey City Times; Dec 2019


Coverage of Over the Sofa & On the Wall at Carter Burden Gallery, March 23 - April 19, 2023
 Interview with Candy Le Sueur; Notes From The City Jersey City, 2018: “An Abundant Life - Visions & Dreams"

Coverage of Between Consciousness and Dreams at  the Novado Gallery in Jersey City,  Apr 28 - Jun 3, 2018 


Coverage on Panepinto Fine Art Bringing Art to the Marriott Residence Inn Jersey City, 2018


Coverage in the Wall Street International Magazine on exhibition at Novado Gallery, April - June, 2018

Show at the Fine Arts Gallery St Peters College,

Nov - Dec, 2017

Opening reception of Where Dreams Land, Hamilton Square, Sept 2015

Where Dreams Land exhibition at Hamilton Square,

Sept 2015 - March 2016

2024  Upcoming: Oct 10 - Nov 6, Carter Burden Gallery, NYC

2023 Novado Gallery, Nov 2023 - Jan 2024, Jersey City

2023 New Beginnings, Art House Gallery, July 8 - 30, Jersey City


2023  Looking for Clues, Carter Burden Gallery, Sept. 7 - Oct 4, NYC


2023  Summer Salon, Novado Gallery, July 27- Sept. 2, Jersey City


2023  Novado Gallery, April 29 - May 14, Jersey City

2023  Pro Arts Curators’ Choice, Art 150 Gallery, May 6 - 28, JC

2023  Over the Sofa, Carter Burden Gallery, March 23 - April 19, NYC

2022   NJCU Visual Arts Galleries, JC; Davis Gallery, Austin;

Novado Gallery, JC and Carter Burden Gallery, NYC


2021  Carter Burden Gallery, Sept 9 - Oct 6, NYC


2021 Panepinto Galleries at the Canopy Hotel, Jan 1 - Feb 23, JC 

2020  Art House Gallery, Oct 1 - Oct 24, JC

2020  Beyond the Print, Manhattan Graphics, Nov 12 - Dec 22, NYC

2019  Panepinto Galleries, Sept 6 - Dec 31, JC


2019  Casa Colombo, JC

2018  Carol Lee Fine Art, Johannesburg; Novado Gallery and

Panepinto Galleries, JC and Russell Art and Frame, Lakeway, TX


2017  Panepinto Galleries, JC;  Fine Arts Gallery, St. Peter’s University,

JC and the Russell Collection, Austin

2016  The Russell Collection, Austin

2015  Affordable Art Fair, NYC; Windows on Columbus, JC; 

Hamilton Square and the Drawing Rooms, JC

2014  Art Hamptons; The Jersey City Museum, The Goldsmith Gallery

and the Drawing Rooms, JC 

2013  Affordable Art Fair, NYC and The Look Out Gallery, S. Africa 

2012  Affordable Art Fair, NYC; Arts 78 Printmaking Show, NYC

2011   Lana Santorelli Gallery, Hoboken

2010  The National Academy Museum, NYC

2009  The National Academy Museum, NY and Artspace, Johannesburg

2007  The Mimosa hotel, Miami, concurrent with Art Basel Miami

and Carol Lee Fine Art, Johannesburg

2006  Carol Lee Fine Art, Johannesburg

2005  Galerie Plett, The Netherlands; Riverside, CT and

Carol Lee Fine Art, Johannesburg

2004  Galerie Plett, The Netherlands


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