Jersey City based artist Candy Le Sueur’s expressive oil paintings evoke a sense of the natural world.

Interpretations of land, sea and sky have been the principle discipline throughout her career.

The expressive motion of the brushstroke, free floating colors and subtle tonal shifts allows one not to look for a particular landscape, but to enjoy the sheer effervescence of the paint itself. She received a Fine Art degree from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, where she is originally from, and continued her studies at The National Academy School of Fine Art in New York City. 

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Interview with Candy Le Sueur; Notes From The City; Jersey City, July 1, 2018: “An Abundant Life- Visions & Dreams"

Coverage on Panepinto Fine Art Bringing Art to the Marriott Residence Inn,
Jersey City, in which I was a participant. 2018


Coverage in the Wall Street International Magazine on exhibition at

Novado Gallery, April 28th- June 3rd, 2018

Show at the Fine Arts Gallery, St Peters College, Nov 3rd- Dec 15th, 2017

Opening reception of Where Dreams Land, Hamilton Square, Sept 2015

Where Dreams Land exhibition at Hamilton Square, Sept 2015 - March 2016

Gallery Representation:

Panepinto Fine Art, Jersey City

Russell Collection Fine Art, Austin, Texas

Novado Gallery, Jersey City

Carol Lee Fine Art, Johannesburg


Between Consciousness and Dreams at Novado Gallery, Jersey City, April 28 - June 3, 2018
Curated by Anne Novado.  Written by Brendan Carroll
For over two decades, Le Sueur’s paintings and prints have referred to the landscape. The imagined scenes pointed to dramatic geographies but never declared a location. Where Dreams Land, her previous body of work, depicted collisions between land and sea in spectacular crashes of surf, or windswept dunes at the end of the world. To push the viewer to “see” the landscape, she followed conventional notions of landscape painting: She emphasized space and depth, delineating foreground, middle ground, and background. Though her paint application was expressive, the elements were arranged in a coherent composition.
In her current work, Le Sueur eschews visual cues and notational
brushwork, pushing her brand of landscape painting to seemingly
nonobjective abstraction. The biggest departure may be not what
she adds but rather what she omits: the horizon line. Without this
strong visual cue (which often encourages one to look for a
particular landscape rather than to enjoy the paint itself), the
viewer is free to observe Le Sueur’s free-floating colors and
subtle tonal shifts. Her brushwork and mark-making are not
descriptive but gestural, tethered more to intuition and spontaneity
rather than to an objective reality. With the paintings on show in this
gallery, Le Sueur is attempting to capture the transitional space
between sleep and wakefulness, when she lies in bed and watches
her thoughts float by like passing clouds on a bright day. The
images are hard to pin down, which is part of their allure. Are we
observing a wistful painting of an Irish countryside? Or are we not
looking at a place at all, just a shimmering field of color? Either way, viewers leave feeling as if they have basked in radiant sunshine after a long, cold, gray winter. These works announce themselves cheerfully, like the irrepressible giggle of a child, rather than with a bombastic roar.
The joy of her paintings is their sheer effervescence—on thin, smooth surfaces, her colors overlap, clash against one another, accumulate, and dissolve. At first glance, it is easy to overlook the delicate shade and tonal variations as well as the orchestral paint application. But on second and third viewings, the paintings reveal their more dynamic elements: In one, a dash of apricot is set against a wash of Payne’s gray; in another, a thin languid strip of canary yellow shuffles over a bright turquoise field. In these moments, Le Sueur’s paintings seem liberated from representational norms or limitations. 
Le Sueur is an internationally recognized artist that has exhibited her work in South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, and United States. National Academy Museum, Jersey City Museum, and Drawing Rooms, among other venues, have exhibited her paintings, prints, and encaustics. Her work is represented by Panepinto Fine Art, Russell Collection Fine Art, and Carol Lee Fine Art. Her work is included in several private collections both home and abroad. She received her Fine Arts Degree from University of Johannesburg in South Africa.

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